“I've prepped here several times and have never been disappointed. When I used to live in Los Angeles this was my go to camera prep house for both shorts and full on tv/feature films.  I prepped both union and non union jobs here with no issues at all. Normally when I came to prep I would bring my small Papillion doggy Cinnabun who the staff loved to death.  She would come with a food and water bowl as well as some toys.  During the prep she would wander around and greet people and the front desk would take her on long walks. Most preps would take me about a day to 3 days.  During that time if I had a need or a want the floor staff would quickly and efficiently grab the part of item needed.  There was no asking multiple times or having to overly explain myself. Overall i rate this place well above Panavision which isn't very far from here.  The staff is amazing, loving and attentive and of course doggie friendly.”

Jonathon H., Yelp Review

"I've know Otto Nemenz for many years now and, in every job I've done through his business, have always been taken care of with the highest caliber of service and equipment. Excellent in every way."

"I was only there for one day, but service was very good. Everyone was helpful and we got everything we needed with a good turnaround. We were out of there in no time. Easy to park too. I'm sure I will come back to rent from Otto's again."

Dan K., Yelp Review

Love A., Yelp Review

Dan K., Yelp Review

"Great space and great staff willing to work with you on your next project. Can't wait to go back."

Steve W., Facebook Review

Los Angeles - 5700 Buckingham Parkway, Culver City, California 90230 -- 323-469-2774


Atlanta - 6375 Regency Parkway, Norcross, Georgia, 30071 -- 770-559-3377

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