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Position Name:

Digital Cinema Services and Technologies Manager

Reports to:

General Manager


General Description:

The Digital Cinema Services and Technologies Manager oversees a full team of skilled Service Department Technicians that maintain, update, repair and preform quality servicing on all digital and film camera systems, reference monitors, production monitors, color correction systems, video processing and distribution peripherals, fiber systems and electronic accessories in the Otto Nemenz rental inventory. The Digital Cinema Services and Technologies Manager has three core responsibilities: effective communication between ONI departments and employees, proactive customer service support, and continuous employee/client education. In addition to the administrative responsibilities, the Manager is tasked with incorporating new technologies and developing best practices for those things related to the digital cinema and motion picture production pipeline.

Key Responsibilities:

•    Keep a team of service technicians organized, informed and motivated to deliver the highest quality, detail oriented service in the safest and most professional manner possible.
•    Effective use of all ONI resources to facilitate alternative and custom equipment uses as requested directly by clients, the Operations Manager, the Marketing Department and/or Prep Tech. Staff.
•    Support clients before, during and after principal photography at ONI's Hollywood office, on-location, in person and over the phone, during and after business hours.
•    A proactive stance on education, research and innovation by fostering an environment of curiosity and continued education on Digital Cinema, work flow & technology trends.
•    Promote a helpful & positive environment between clients and staff.
•    Maintain contact with equipment vendors and other authoritative bodies to understand what new items or updates or trends will effect ONI's ability to support and advise clients effectively.
•    Keep the General Manager apprised of repairs that may cause an impact to ONI's ability to promise, schedule and supply rental gear to clients.
•    Ability to perform the same service tasks as the Service Department Technicians as needed to accomodate increased ONI rental demands, vacation schedules, unscheduled medical absences or sickness, etc.
•    Ability to diagnose and generally pin-point the causes of errors, anomalies and other blemishes in images directly taken from original camera media or that have been processed through a post-production work flow.
•    Implement and maintain applicable best practices and standards form around the digital cinema and motion picture production communities.

Job Requirements:

•    Operational proficiency of Sony, Canon, RED & ARRI camera systems.
•    Operational proficiency of Sony, RED, Codex & ARRI recording & media management systems.
•    Operational proficiency of professional cinema prime & zoom lenses.
•    Technical understanding of film and digital sensor sizes & resolutions.
•    Technical understanding of digital cinema color systems. (XYZ, REC. 709. P3, REC. 2020, etc.)
•    Technical understanding of digital image compression schemes. (AVX, J2K, ProRes, SsTP, DNxHD, HEVC, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, H.265, etc.)
•    Ability to read files written in XML.
•    Knowledge of battery & power concepts. (Ohms Law)
•    Operational proficiency with video distribution and processing hardware.
•    Operational proficiency in basic IP networking.
•    Operational proficiency in Avid, FinalCut, Resolve, RedCine-X, TrueLight & Scratch Lab.
•    Operational proficiency with light meters, spectrometers, photoradiometers, collimators & waveform/vectorscopes monitors.
•    Operational proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint.
•    Possess a valid CA driver’s license.
•    Ability to lift 35lbs from the floor to chest height.
•    Ability to read, write and speak English.

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